Lina’s Hope is a school and therapy center for children with disabilities, specifically brain injury, in Kampot, Cambodia.

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Sophia, age 7 years old  Sophia is a child who suffered brain injury from fetal alcohol syndrome before birth because her mom took medicine with alcohol during her pregnancy because the local witch doctor recommended it, saying it would give her a healthy baby (he was wrong!!). Sophia’s parents love her and take great care of … Continue reading Sophia


Cao, age 13 years old Imagine living life chained to a door like a dog with no clothes, no personal possessions, and no provision for toileting needs, eating food from the floor with your hands or by mouth like an animal. That has been the experience of Cao for the last few years of his … Continue reading Cao


Sim, age 18 years old When he first came to Lina’s Hope (then TTLC) Sim was a happy-go-lucky, 13-year-old boy with a sense of humor. Sim could not walk, and his leg muscles had become quite contracted after many years of sitting in a wheel chair without any therapy. Sim also struggled with using his … Continue reading Sim


Sophanna, age 9 years old One day, Jennifer walked into the therapy room of Lina’s Hope (then TTLC) to meet a grandmother who had just brought her granddaughter to Lina’s Hope for the first time. Jennifer found a tiny, malnourished child the size of a newborn baby. She was shocked to find that the child … Continue reading Sophanna

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